Wednesday, 24 November 2010

2010 AGM and Quiz

This evening was the annual A.G.M of the WHHS (West Horsley Horticultural Society) and as well as the formal business, we had a wonderful evening of Cheese and Wine, plus Marcia Underwood's, now eagerly anticipated Quiz.
For those of us that knew
Which is the Potato, Charlotte or Daphne? -
The study of Pteridology is of Lichens, Ferns or Mosses?,
What another name for a Hosta? was, - and
Were listening last month to the P & D talk, and knew which month to find hiding slugs and snails.

it was easy -
(Charlotte, Ferns, Plantain and February for those that didn't)

There was a fantastic winning score of 17 out of 20, with the runner up on 15, - but the average was under 10, with vows to read up a bit more before next years.

Items discussed during the formal business included congratulations to Grace and Flavour on their successes this year, - the £100 donation last November from the Society has been put to good use and has multiplied into large amounts of vegetables sold to members, - All WHHS members were urged to join this great local project as members by signing up to the constitution and taking part where possible. A plea from the show secretary for some help in the office on show day and the week before on preparation (and less last minute entries), and the Treasurer giving the news that although the treasurers report was still to be audited, it showed the society in a healthy position, although not one to be complacent about.

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