Monday, 26 September 2011

Busy September for the Horticultural Society

The West Horsley Village Fete
The Horticultural Society again had a pitch featuring two stands. One was a flower display with a SKEP as the centrepiece. A Skep is a woven straw beehive shaped  like  a woolly cap like you see bees buzzing out of in comics and used by beekeepers, mostly as a temporary hive e.g. for transporting bees. The display had about 30 different kinds of flowers all known to attract bees and bees did actually come and visit the flowers. There were also lists of bee-  and butterfly- friendly flowers for all seasons and a display of fruit and berries that birds will like in cold weather.
The other display was of garden tool sharpening and repair. The Chairman was kept busy, not so much showing and teaching how tools need to be kept sharp and clean and well oiled, but cleaning, sharpening and oiling tools brought by spectators at the fete. Cleaning and sharpening tools is a job most people like others to do for them but there were some that wanted to do it for themselves.  

The Autumn Show
The strange summer with lots of rain at times and other spells of dry weather and the early maturity of almost everything seemed like a recipe for a difficult show. But the number of entrants was up and so were the number of actual entries. There was a lot of interest in the vegetables with brilliant entries from Grace + Flavour and Neil Shaw who just took the overall vegetable award with his usual meticulous display. The number of dahlias was probably down but the actual flowers were magnificent. Alan Richards an old hand won the dahlia cup with some giant blooms. Ann Woodley, a newcomer to showing won the ‘enforced’ fuchsia class where each of the entrants start off with a plant as near as possible the same as all the others in a very small pot and by show day the winning entry is a couple of feet across.  Janet Ingram’s fine display of apples won her the fruit cup. Homecrafts were well supported with some mouth watering jellies and jams and cakes. Children’s entries were as usual excellent and enthusiastically done.  Best in show was Ralph Burlinson’s beautiful orchid. We are pleased to say that Jenny Powell former mayor of Guildford presented the prizes.

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