Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Hints and Tips for winning ways this Autumn show

It's that time again, time to look round your garden and decide what to enter in the Autumn show which is taking place next Saturday 15th September.

There are flowers categories, with the biggest groups being Roses and Dahlias, but lots of opportunities for those with Annuals, Hanging baskets or those precious grown on Fuchsias.
There are plenty of Fruit and Vegetables classes, - have you managed to grow 4 leeks of the same size?, and who willl have the longest bean?, plus will anyone manage to have 20 blueberries left this year? and then of course there are the homecrafts.

These have been keenly fought in the last few shows, with the Gentlemens cake category having the largest number of entries, but to prevent you getting the dread NAS (not as Schedule) - here are some reminders from Anne.

To All Those Entering the Cookery/Home Craft Categories

In the past there have been several comments made in our Newsletters regarding the Home Craft Judges’ opinions of the rules laid down by the Women’s Institute,  so to remind you in time for the Autumn Show I have made some notes:-

1.      The word ‘preserve’ means just that – items once bottled can be stored for months & even 1-2 years.
2.      Re-used lids must be in excellent condition no marks or lettering – though preferably all lids should be new.   Items covered with a wax disc will dry out if not further substantially covered  (not just material).    Chutneys should have a vinegar proof twist top lid.  Lemon & fruit curds only need a twist top.     All twist tops should be new.
3.      All jars must be free of commercial trademarks.  Screw top jars are not acceptable as a screw thread does not give a good seal.   New twist tops will naturally not have any trademarks on them. 
4.      When dates are asked for you must give the  date,  month and year (particularly Chutney)
5.      Jams, Jellies, Marmalade and Chutney – A wax disc with cellophane  or a new twist top  (when a wax disc is not needed).  Twist tops must be put on when the preserve is still hot (in order to make an air-tight seal).* Fruit curds (eg Lemon) are not cooked to a high temperature and need only be covered with a wax disc and cellophane cover.   Chutney and Pickle must always be covered with a new vinegar proof twist top and be at least 2 months old (to let the contents mature a little).
6.      A cake should be in a round tin – not square or oblong unless specified.

* I can assure you that the Judges do listen for that ‘pop’ when they open these.

If you have any doubts or queries do please give  Sue Lindsay a call as she has the
WI Rule Book.

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